Geese Howard sprites
courtesy of
Fighters' Generation/SNK.
Edited by me.

Why GoeBung?

Because I wanted to make a site to host my MUGEN stuff and I chose Neocities. I then discovered after making a domain on here that you can't do that. But I wanted to test my skills to finally make a website, so here it is.

What GoeBung?

Just a site I made for fun. Gotta put the gabbage somewhere.

How GoeBung?

By hosting it on Neocities for free. I wanted to add voice clips on here, but you have to pay a $5/mo fee. I'm kinda tight with money, so I'm good for now.

Is this a Fatal Fury fansite?

Nah, I chose the name because first, Terry Bogard is one of my favorite characters, plus two, his in-game lines are so iconic, I chose his power geyser quote, and c , I wanted to spell it like that so you guys could remember it.

So is this an SNK fansite?

Yeah, kinda. A SNK and Sega fansite, with a hint of other games that involve smashing a fist into someone's face.

Is Andy boring?


Why does Joe have his hands dug inside his pants?

You tell me.

Isn't Terry supposed to be a C.I.A. agent?

...Are you ok?

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