The following order of games are based on guestimation of the order I played them since 2000.


But there are more games I've played.
Those will be coming soon!

Marvel versus Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Street Fighter EX 3

Tekken 4

Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega Genesis)

Tekken 6

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters

Art of Fighting 3: The Road of the Warrior

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

King of Fighters '96

King of Fighters '98: Dream Match Never Ends

King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle

King of Fighters 2000

King of Fighters 2001

King of Fighters 2002: Challenge for Ultimate Battle

King of Fighters 2003

King of Fighters XII

King of Fighters XIII

Burning Rival

NEW!X-Men: Children of the Atom!NEW

X-Men versus Street Fighter

Marvel Super Heroes versus Street Fighter


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