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Streets of Rage Remake

Sound Documentation

Assuming that you already made a 'data' folder in the root folder of Streets of Rage Remake (Version 5), this is the table of replaceable sound effects:


Note: ''*'' means story mode only.
Note: ''[00]'' means unused.
Note: ''-X-'' means it CRASHES the game.

'data' folder in-game description
adam ??? Adam's yell
adam1 ??? Adam's death
*ambient1 ??? Jetski Ride scene ambience
*ambient2 ??? Monster Gallery ambience
*ambient3 ??? Arcade ambience
*ambient4 ??? Bike Ride scene ambience
*ambient5 ??? Train ambience
*ambient6 ??? Aboard the Cruise Ship ambience
*ambient7 ??? Waterfall ambience
*ambient8 ??? Sea ambience
*ambient9 ??? Docks ambience
*ambient10 ??? Bar fire
*ambient11 ??? In the Helicopter ambience
*ambient12 ??? Alarm ambience
ash ??? Ash's entrance
bk3_axel1 ??? BKIII Axel Grand Upper
bk3_blaze1 ??? BKIII Blaze Kikoushou
bk3_blaze2 ??? BKIII Blaze Vertical Slash
bk3_shiva1 ??? BKIII Shiva Final Crash
bk3_yamato1 ??? BKIII Yamoto Magic
bk3_yamato2 ??? BKIII Yamoto Decoy(?)
bk3_yamato3 ??? BKIII Yamoto Inivisible(?)
cadena ??? dunno yet
compuerta ??? dunno yet
electra1 se08 Elle defensive special
electra2 se08 Elle offensive special
*firework ??? amusement park ambience
gato ??? Trash can cat
*helicoptero1 ??? Deep Forest scene A ambience
*helicoptero2 ??? In the Helicopter door
*helicoptero3 ??? In the Helicopter wind
mrx ??? Machine gunfire
pajaros ??? bird flying(?)
*puerta ??? r.bear door intro
roo1 ??? Roo jump attack
roo2 ??? Roo death
roo3 ??? Roo tatsumaki senpuu kyaku/Sonic spin
roo4 ??? Roo whistle/police call
-X-rudre ??? ...
se1 se01 Player 'whoosh' sound
se2 se02 jump
se3 se03 gunfire
se4 se04 burnt
se5 se05 Object drop
se6 se06 airborne enemy collide
se7 se07 BKIII drone laser
se8 se08 Whip swing
se9 se09 Extra life
se10 se10 Extra object
se11 se11 Pipe swing
se12 se12 Floatie drop
se13 se13 Electrocuted
se14 se14 Whipped
se15 se15 Glass shatter
se16 se16 Blade cut
se17 se17 Dragon Wing/Final Crash
se18 se18 Max's spin/Bongo roll
se19 se19 Blaze Embukyaku
se20 se20 Jack/Slash knife flip
se21 se21 Shiva dash
se22 se22 Skate dash
se23 ??? Running on conveyer belt
se24 se24 Menu scroll
se25 se25 Menu accept
se26 se26 Menu decline
se27 se27 Elevator stop(?)
se28 se28 Jet fly/Shiva 2 & 3-star Blitz
se29 se29 Big Ben fire breath
se30 se30 Landing
se31 se31 Time Over
se32 se32 Rocket launcher fire
se33 se33 Block
se34 se34 Axe collide
se35 se35 BKII Barbon alleyway rain ambient start
se36 se36 Sword slash
se37 se37 Enemy harsh hit
se38 se38 Points
se39 se39 dunno yet
se40 se40 Wood hit
se41 se41 Elevator move
se42 se42 Police helicopter
se43 se43 Garage door open
se44 se44 Bullet shell drop
se45 se45 Fallen
se46 se46 Food/drink pick-up
se47 se47 Abadede arena crowd cheer
se48 se48 Oil drum hit
se49 se49 Explosion
se50 se50 Enemy 'whoosh'
se51 se51 Motorcycle/Jetboat rev
se52 se52 Mini-explosion
se53 se53 Sandbag hit
se54 se54 Enemy light hit
se55 se55 Zan dash
se56 se56 Thunder
se57 ??? dunno yet
se58 ??? Max 'whoosh'
se59 se59 BKII light hit
se60 ??? BKII medium hit
se61 ??? BKII heavy hit
se62 ??? Pause
se63 ??? dunno yet
se64 ??? Final Crash hit(?)
se65 ??? Skate offensive special hit
se66 ??? dunno yet
se67 ??? dunno yet
se68 ??? Falling whistle
se69 ??? Abadede heavy hit
se70 ??? Alien egg
se71 ??? Extra police
se72 ??? Pylon hit
se73 ??? P1/Molecule denotating
se74 ??? Molecule mace hit
se75 ??? Car Engine
se76 ??? Police car brake
se77 ??? P2 Police car special
se78 ??? P1 Police car special
se79 ??? P1/Molecule denotating (alt?)
se80 ??? Elle Magic
se81 ??? Factory press
se82 ??? dunno yet
se83 ??? Ceiling trap zap
se84 ??? Bulldozer/Ash boat
se85 ??? dunno yet
se86 ??? Splash
se87 ??? dunno yet
se88 ??? Cutscene blip
se89 ??? BKII Elevator start
se90 ??? BKII Elevator end
se91 ??? dunno yet
se92 ??? dunno yet
se93 ??? dunno yet
se94 ??? dunno yet
se95 ??? dunno yet
se96 ??? dunno yet
se97 ??? dunno yet
se98 ??? dunno yet
se99 ??? dunno yet
se100 ??? dunno yet
se101 ??? dunno yet
se102 ??? dunno yet
se103 voice41 SOR3 Zan battle cry
se104 voice42 Zan death
se105 ??? BKIII Zan battle cry
seaxel1 ??? BKII Axel battle cry
seaxel2 ??? Axel Grand Upper
[00]seaxel3 ??? ---
seaxel4 ??? Axel death
se105 ??? BKIII Zan battle cry
seblaze1 voice26 Female death
seblaze2 ??? BKII Blaze battle cry
seblaze3 voice28 SOR3 Blaze Vertical Slash
seblaze4 voice29 SOR3 Blaze Kikoushou
seblaze5 voice30 BKIII Blaze battle cry
seblaze6 voice30 BKIII Blaze battle cry 2/Rudra/Soozie
seblaze7 ??? BKIII Blaze battle cry 3
seg1 se57 BKIII light hit
seg2 se58 BKIII medium hit
seg3 se59 BKIII hard hit
seg4 ??? BKII Shiva light hit
seg5 ??? Bat/Pipe hit
seg6 ??? BKII Shiva hard hit
seg7 ??? BKII Shiva medium hit
seg8 ??? Haku-oh palm strike
seg9 ??? BKIII Shiva super heavy hit
semax1 voice31 Max battle cry
[00]semax2 ??? ---
semax3 voice33 Max death
semax4 voice34 Max battle cry 2
semax5 voice35 Max offensive special
seskate1 voice36 Skate battle cry
seskate2 voice37 BKIII Skate death
seskate3 voice38 BKIII Skate offensive special
seskate4 voice39 Skate battle cry 2
seskate5 ??? BKII Skate toss cry
seskate6 ??? BKIII Skate dash
sev1 voice01 Enemy death
sev2 voice02 Enemy death 2/BKI & BKII Boss death
sev3 voice03 Signal toss
sev4 voice04 Jet grab
sev5 voice05 Zamza
sev6 voice06 Barbon vest rip
sev7 voice07 Jack laugh
sev8 ??? dunno yet
sev9 voice09 Haku-oh jump kick(?)
sev10 voice10 Storm grenade toss
sev11 voice11 Big Ben/Robo X laugh
sev12 voice12 Enemy death 3
sev13 voice13 Enemy death 4
sev14 ??? dunno yet
sev15 ??? dunno yet
sev16 ??? dunno yet
sev17 voice17 Barbon throw
sev18 voice18 dunno yet
sev19 voice19 Abadede battle cry
sev20 voice20 Nora/Electra kick
sev21 voice21 Mr. X laugh
sev22 voice08 Enemy death 4
sev23 voice14 Enemy death 5
sev24 voice15 BKIII Boss death
sev25 voice16 BKII Shiva Rhino Grass
sev26 ??? R. Bear Pumbaa
sev27 ??? Mr. X command/Trucker "!!"
sev29 ??? Ninpo kage bushin
sev30 ??? Shiva battle cry
sev31 ??? Shiva battle cry 2/Tiger jump(?)
sev32 ??? dunno yet
sev33 ??? Haku-oh jump(?)
sev34 ??? Robo X intro laugh
sev35 ??? Ninja throw
sev36 ??? BKIII Galsia attack
sev37 ??? BKIII Enemy attack
sev38 ??? Rocket jump
sev44 ??? Ash laugh
sev47 ??? Monalisa attack
sev48 ??? dunno yet
sev49 ??? dunno yet
*siren ??? Endings 2 & 5 ambience
sor1_axel1 ??? BKI Axel battle cry
sor2_blaze1 ??? BKII Blaze death
sor2_blaze2 ??? Blaze Kikoushou
sor2_blaze3 ??? Blaze Vertical Slash
sor2_skate1 ??? BKII Skate Corkscrew kick
[00]sor2_skate2 ??? ---
sor2_skate3 ??? BKII Skate death
sor3_axel1 ??? BKIII Axel yell
sor3_axel2 ??? BKIII Axel death
sor3_axel3 ??? SOR3 Axel Grand Upper
sor3_shiva1 ??? SOR3 Shiva Final Crash
step0 ??? Default step
step5 ??? Water step
*truck ??? In the Truck ambience
vball ??? volley ball
vehelits1 ??? vehelits growl
vehelits2 ??? vehelits2 hurt
viento ??? Car hazard(?)

Pulseman font sprites courtesy of Pulseman.co.uk/Game Freak. Edited by me.

Shout out to Caddie for html table coding (big help; used as a basis)!

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